Why Janasia

Why is Janasia Plastic Surgery the best option in Thailand for "Breast Revision Surgery"?
▪ The breast augmentation performed by Dr. Keerapat, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Thailand with more than ten years of breast augmentation and breast revision experience.
▪ The method of breast revision can be decided upon jointly by the doctor and patient. This is achievable with any technique All muscle levels, size increase, size reduction, breast lifting etc.
▪ Beautiful wound, no need for stitches to be cut, and no drains.
▪ 100% real silicone guaranteed. Direct orders from the distributor are available for inspection, a silicone box and warranty card are available to every patient.
▪ Prior to surgery, silicone is measured for size and a doctor consultation is available. to choose the most acceptable and attractive silicone by being able to see the size of the breasts.
▪ No clients voiced any complaints. There is no hired presenter. Real clinic patients who participated in every published case.